Our Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer exceptional cleaning operations to Offices, Commercial real estates, Retail, Hospitals, Schools, and warehouses we specialize in the cleaning of floors, tiles, ceilings, lighting, furniture, window cleaning, deep clean of sanitary conveniences, and toilet facilities, kitchens and dining areas, consumables and feminine hygiene facilities as well as cleaning of electronic, and IT equipment to meet your specific needs we clean.

Computer Labs, Sports Halls, Staff Rooms, Communal Areas, Kitchen areas, Classroom Cleaning, and Locker Room cleaning. We also supply half-term deep cleans.


Shop Floor cleaning, back of house cleaning, Lifts, and escalators deep cleaning, High vacuum cleaning, and Carpet cleaning, Toilet cleaning, and Jet wash services.

Office Cleaning

Daily office cleaning, Office windows, office carpet cleaning, office polish services, Upholstery cleaning service

Landlord Cleaning Services

Communal areas, Lifts and escalator cleaning, Carpet cleaning, washroom cleaning, and Window cleaning services.

Residential Cleaning

We offer a residential cleaning service that specializes in things around your home such as cleaning floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms, Carpets, Curtains, and upholstery furniture. A residential cleaning service is going to be much more detail-oriented and thorough.

Carpet Cleaning

Whether in your home, office, or retail space we understand that your carpet is a major investment. Clients, Guests, or customer we understand the importance of the first impression hence why we offer a spectacular cleaning service for your carpets.

COVID – 19 Deep cleaning service

Someone coming in contact or being tested positive for COVID – 19 can have a very stressful impact not just on the individual but the people around us hence why we offer a specialized deep clean service for all our sectors with our wide range of approved disinfectant products. Every corner and inch of your premises will be cleaned to your satisfaction giving you peace of mind and prevent disruption for your day-to-day operations.